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    Gorge On An All-Vegetarian Ganpati Special Thali This Weekend

    Shalvi posted on 02 September

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    A traditional Ganpati thali by Authenticook promises to win your heart over with its delicious flavours and set your mood right for the upcoming festivities.

    What’s It About?

    Monday, September 5, marks the beginning of Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival that’s celebrated with much fervour across the city. And while the Maharashtrians and locals of Mumbai know exactly what to expect when it comes to food, for the others it’s still a novel experience to eat traditional Ganpati food.

    So Authenticook has introduced their Ganeshotsav Brahmani Jevan, which will give people a peek into the traditional festival food. This wholesome and pure vegetarian meal will let you gorge on sweets along with a variety of dishes, which are made with vegetables and pulses, combined with rice and chapatis. Priced at INR 799, this meal is set to be held at Andheri East in a beautiful terraced dining area.


    The traditional meal comprises sabudana vada {a traditional Maharashtrian deep-fried snack}, kakdi, tomato aani danyache kuutachi kishimbir {cucumber, tomatoes chopped and seasoned with crushed roasted peanuts, coriander and chillies}, surali chya vadya {the Maharashtrian version of khandvi made with gram flour, curd and spices}, batata bhaji {a simple dish consisting boiled potato cubes tempered with spices}, mataki usal {made with sprouted moth beans, boiled potato and some spices}, bhendi masala {lady fingers fried with spices to a spicy tangy consistency}, kadhi pakoda {a yogurt-based gravy and spicy deep fried dumplings made of gram flour}, poli {chapati/Indian flat bread made of wheat}, varan bhaat {a staple dish of the Brahmins, it is a portion of steamed rice topped with lentils curry made from tur daal}, dalimbi bhaat {a pulao made with field beans, a traditional delicacy cooked for special occasions} and chutney and pickles. The dessert will include ukadiche modak {this is made from rice flour with a mixture of coconut and jaggery inside which is then steamed}, and puran poli {a buttery flatbread stuffed with jaggery, chana daal, cardamom powder, flour and ghee}.

    So We’re Thinking…

    For the price you pay, the spread is expansive and extremely authentic. In fact, we think this is the perfect way to kick-start the festivities by gorging on some absolutely fabulous food. The home chef can seat a maximum of six people for this meal, so make sure you get your bookings done already.

    Where: Andheri East

    When: 1pm, Sunday, September 4

    Price: INR 799

    For more details on the same and to book a seat, click here.

    Photos courtesy: Authenticook

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