Drink Mocktails And Play Board Games At This Cute New Cafe In Thane

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Yearning for relaxed and fun-filled quality time with family or friends that takes your mind off the scorching Mumbai heat? Head straight to The Waterhouse Deli.

Chow Down

This place is an open-air cafe in Thane to keep yourself cool and engrossed in some classic board games such as scrabble, monopoly, chess, etc. while the temperature outside continues to rise!

The absolute must-haves here include the Chicken TWD Special Salad – an uber delicious and hearty combination of chicken, lettuce, kale, orange segments, walnuts and bell peppers tossed in an in-house vinaigrette dressing and the Vampire Tiki mocktail – a perfectly soothing blend to beat the heat! What we tried was very tasty and flavourful and was just enough to get us full.

So, We're Saying...

The Waterhouse Deli is a very quaint and airy cafe spread across a vast area with a pleasant décor that offers you a limited yet yummy, hearty and reasonably priced food and beverage menu along with a plenty of board games that one can enjoy at their leisure.


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