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Three Beers And A Starter For INR 300? There's An App For That

Bhavika posted on 07 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Dineamic, an app for your Android phone, allows you to get three beers and a starter for INR 300 only, at more than 15 restaurants and bars across Mumbai all through October.

To Beer Or Not To Beer

Of course, to. It’s October, the month when you say bye to the rains and hey to another thirst-quencher – beer. While the Germans are celebrating Oktoberfest, why should Mumbai be left behind?

Time Out has created this app Dineamic, which lets us get the beer we want, for cheap. It lets you get a coupon a day, from restaurants such as The Barking Deer, Brewbot, Lemon Leaf {the one in Andheri, though there is a new one in Colaba; The Little Door, British Brewing Company, Play – The Lounge, Wtf!, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Mighty Small Café {the bar inside Smaaash}, among several other establishments. They have food deals with Lemon Leaf {the newest one in Colaba} too.

So, How Does It Work?

We downloaded the app on an Android phone {well.. if you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have.. this app or cheap beer}. Here is how it works. Go to the Playstore here and download the app. Now after selecting the deal at the bottom saying Oktoberfest, choose your city and the date you would like to visit. Now you get to scroll their list of affiliated bars and restaurants, and take your pick. Post that, sign in through your Facebook account or Google, and choose the time slot that you’d like to go. A coupon code will be generated which you will now show to the bar.

Keep in mind that you can only book one coupon for one person per day and only after you have redeemed a coupon can you book the next day. So, it only makes sense to book one for an earlier date, go have a merry time and then book another coupon for the next.

So, We’re Saying…

We think that although deals on beer come and go, this is brilliant considering that it lasts this entire month, and can be availed practically every single day if you are proactive enough.

Be wary of the beer belly, however.

Download the app here.