Is It A Crepe? Is It A Cone? This Tiny Eatery Is Full Of Surprises


    Bandra’s latest pride is The Tokyo Creperia that’s serving crepes, savoury and sweet. We explore what’s in store.

    Chow Down

    Started by two friends Saagar Panchal and Uzair Ansari, The Tokyo Creperia is serving Harajuku – styled sweet and savoury crepes as a stuffed ‘on-the-go’ cone. It’s located on Carter Road and we could already tell by the menu that we will head here for a ‘stuff-yourself-silly’  kind of rager for us.

    So, what’s on the platter? There’s good ol’ chicken tandoori, butter chicken (INR 159), tuna salad (INR 159), schezwan chicken (INR 149), prawns Koli masala, grandma’s classic chicken curry and much more rolled up as savoury crepes. For the ones looking for something sweet, Chef Anees Khan has fused crème brûlée amongst signatures like Berry Sakura, Miss Tokyo and Mister Tokyo and more

    We tried butter chicken, chicken chipotle and boy, were we in for a treat. The soft crepes coupled with the filling that was beautifully balanced kind of made our day. Go for tuna salad if you are a fan of subtle flavours. Order their coolers to help get you over the heat that will hit you in the face from time to time.

    So, We're Saying...

    Gather your best pals and head on over for a fun, quick dinner on a weekend before you hit the bars. BTW, Social is opening up upstairs soon, so you know the drill already.