Get Back On Track: Detox With These Three Juice Subscription Services

Ten-Second Takeaway

A gallon of beer, 20 stacks of nachos, countless chicken tikkas and cheese balls. They may have gone down your food tract this new year’s eve and while some of you may be feeling happy and shiny, some of us are probably feeling bloated – with guilt. Wash it down {and out} with these juice cleanses and move on. 2017 is going be healthier, folks.

Raw Pressery

Probably the most popular of the list, Raw Pressery has a cleansing plans ranging from one to three days. Their beauty cleanse package is a combination of juices, herbal teas and skin care products, all hand-picked for you to pamper yourself. Priced at INR 1,800 a day, they claim it leaves you rejuvenated and glowing. Those looking to shed toxins can choose from their light or deep cleanse packages at INR 1,500 a day. They send you six juices a day that are timed. Also, they give you a heads up to prepare for the cleanse, which is three days in advance.


The Juicifix Cleanse is a pack of eight juices that need to be consumed every two hours. They recommend that the cleanse should be supported with lots of water, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, salads, green tea and nuts. A three-day cleanse will cost you INR 3,600 and one day will cost you INR 1,200.

Cleanse High

Cleanse High also has a 8 juices a day plan where they send you a combination of 2 fruit spice juices, 2 green vegetable juices {hi, chlorophyll}, 2 herbal teas, one protein drink and one savoury soup. Their cleanses start from one day going upto six days. Categorised as Seeker {one day}, Sage {3 days} and Nirvana {6 days}, they start at INR . Do read their pre,during and post care section.