Calligraphy In Kyoto, Or Tattoo-Making In Seoul: This Service Lets You Vacation With Artists


    Take your vacation a notch higher by booking a few days of craft-learning at local artist’s homes. Learn how to do Japanese calligraphy in a studio in Kyoto, write under the guidance of a Vietnamese author or learn tattoo-making from an artist in Seoul, all through a website named VAWAA – Vacation With An Artist.

    Vacation With Artists

    A street artist who makes Argentina brighter by painting the walls of the city, an ecologically sensitive artist in Bangalore who makes bamboo bicycles, an old Vietnamese war writer – what common thread runs through these?

    VAWAA is a digital experience website which connects art and travel. It lets you book unique experiences with an artist from across countries and continents, namely Asia, South America and Europe.

    It was started by an Indian, Geetika, who started this venture out of a wild love for travel and art. She spends a month each in different countries, searching for local talent and adding to the exciting list of skills and locations that VAWAA already offers. The cost depends on the number of hours, the artist and the country, but is usually above INR 30,000. Your travel and accommodation are not included in this.

    The photos may get piled under a debris of brighter pixels, the ink may fade off the ticket stubs you painstakingly saved, and somewhere, the memories might confuse themselves and barge into the memory of other vacations. What will stay, however, are the skills and teachings you will learn from these honest craftspeople, and will carry along.

    So, We're Saying...

    Make an experience truly yours, and let not borders stop you. We urge you to consider this.

    Take a look and browse through the website here.