Staycation Goals: Live In A Villa In Anjarle That's Just Out Of The Movies



If you're bored of your matchbox house in Mumbai that doesn't have enough space for you to laze around, this larger-than-life 3-BHK villa called Clifftop in Anjarle must be on your list of getaways. Here's why. 

What Makes It Awesome

With a capacity of hosting 12 people, this huge villa is group-trip goals. It has three swanky bedrooms and each of them has an attached balcony for you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. The caretaker welcomes you with a refreshing local drink on your arrival and gives you a guided tour of the property. 

The architecture is modern and there's a private garden for you to enjoy. There's no construction nearby, which means you don't need to worry about privacy issues at all. Clifftop provides all the basic amenities and you can trust the caretaker to help you plan your itinerary around the place. 

There's a famous Ganapati temple around five minutes away from the property, and if you want to walk by the shores, you can head to Karde beach, around fifteen minutes away from the villa. It is quite famous for its water sports. There's another beach nearby, that is known by the name of Harnai and is famous for local fresh fish. You can get them to the bungalow and ask the caretaker to prepare a traditional meal for you. Anjarle is five and a half hours away from Mumbai and the route is quite scenic. So, just plan that vacay!


If you're planning to eat at the villa, make sure you inform the caretaker in advance for the meals.