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No Jokes: There's A New Open Mic In Mumbai Where You Can Share Your Travel Stories

Bhavika posted on 04 August

What Is It?

Narrate your fondest travel stories at a new type of open mic event in Mumbai meant solely for travellers. ‘Explor’ is a new open mic property that is being hosted by Photo Konnect {a photography group} and Mumbai Riders {cycling trip organisers}.

They’re opening up the mic to fifteen people who sign up for the event, and the rest are welcome to join in as part of the audience.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who’s bursting at the seams to tell that very exciting story from their backpacking trip. Or maybe you, if you have a hilarious family holiday anecdote that you want to share with the world. Channel your inner Bill Bryson and be the oral storyteller you are capable of being, here.

Why Should I Go?

It will be a chance for you to vicariously travel the world through the words of all the open mic-ers {sic} at the event. In any case, you might have had enough of the same undercurrents of jokes that ultimately pop up at all open mic comedy nights. Give those a break for a while, and attend this unique event.

If you’re participating, it will finally give you a chance to put on the chief’s feather hat, and say, ‘Gather around, kids. Let me tell you a story of a time when…’

Anything Else?

While there will be speakers that they choose in advance, you can sign up for the event through this link here.

Not quite up for pouring out your travel stories yet? RSVP to attend {but not point and laugh} through this link here.