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A New Pub Crawl In Bandra Will Take Us From The 1940s To The Future

Bhavika posted on 27 August

What Is It?

Sick of regular drinking nights? Go back - or ahead - in time with this secret time-travel pub crawl in Bandra.

Who Is It For?

For those who are looking to get drunk a little more creatively, or for those souls who wish they had been born in a different era. This is a pub crawl which will take us across three popular bars, each taking us further and further into the future, getting significantly drunker as we do. Each bar will stand for its own era, have its own unique themed cocktails, food and music. But there's a catch - the names of the three bars that we’ll be visiting and more activities related to the pub hop remain a secret.

Why Should I Go?

Because while it is 'secret', a lot of it seems quite well planned. Here's what we do know: the pub hop begins with the 1940’s and Jazz blues, then to the next bar representing the glorious 1980s with its classic rock, and end with a trip to the future {2020}, which will probably include a selection of EDM and trap music.

What Else?

As time passes, the names of the three secret bars will be disclosed and the price rise by a bit. So, the more you know, the more you pay. Rumour has it that if demand rises, they’ll hold a similar crawl in Lower Parel on the same date.

We can't wait to enjoy three different types of music and generations, all on one night.

When: 7.30pm, Sept 24

Where: Bandra {exact location will be disclosed}

Price: INR 850 {for now}, includes 3 complimentary era-specific cocktails, one served at each bar.

Book your tickets here now. Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured photo source: Paul Joseph via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0]