How To Pack For A Trek: A Complete Checklist Of Trekking Essentials

Trekking is one of the best ways to get in a nature break along with some adventure. Since it’s trekking season, we’re sure a lot of you are already planning your next adventure! For the trekkers- bookmark this list to ensure that you’ve packed all your travel essentials for your next trek! 


First things first- you need to start your climb with a bag that feels comfortable on your back. You bag will carry the rest of the essentials in it, so you need to make sure you get something sturdy as well as comfortable. A rucksack shouldn’t make your neck and shoulders hurt- look out for soft padding around the straps. Ideally, a 45-55 litre backpack should suffice. Also look out for one that comes with a detachable daypack. 

Where to buy: Bragpacker (you can also rent it from them)

Sporting Goods Stores


Jal Darshan Apartment, 701-A, Near Isckon Temple, Juhu, Mumbai


Waterproof cover for bag

You never know what weather to expect while on a trek- it can rain (or snow) without warning, and you don’t want to be left searching for cover. Get your hands on a waterproof cover for your bag which will help you continue your trek even when it’s pouring. 

Where to buy: Decathalon (Head to the R City Ghatkopar one for more variety)

Sporting Goods Stores


R City Mall, 1st Floor, F-18/B, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai



A tent is essential for one of those overnight trips that you might have planned, and even though most of the travel companies provide this, it’s safer to just go prepared. Make sure that your tent is sturdy, made of a thick material that can withstand high speed winds, and if in case you’re going to a rainy/snow-clad region, make sure the material won’t allow any water to seep in. Ideally, buy one that comes lined with a mosquito net. 

Where to buy: Addy Tents 

Sleeping Bag

If you’re planning to invest in a sleeping bag, make sure that you buy one that can keep you warm in all temperatures (nights tend to get really cold in the open)

Where to buy: ShoesOnLoose (or you can rent it for a short trip)


You need to be careful about the kind of shoes that you’re wearing for the trek. Look out for a solid pair of comfortable shoes that are ankle length and water proof. See that there is adequate ankle support, as well as good grip. Also carry a pair of rubber slippers for times when you need to cross rivers and streams. 

Where to buy: Either a Decathlon or a trusted sports goods store like Selection in Andheri West

Sporting Goods Stores

Selection Centre Sports

Saooli Building, Shop 1 & 2, JP Road, Andheri West, Mumbai



Carry dry-fit t-shirts (long and short sleeved), a fleece jacket and wind-cheater. Also make sure you have a waterproof jacket and four pairs of warm socks. If you’re heading to a colder region, buy enough scarves, mufflers, caps and gloves too. A pair of trekking tracks is also recommended. 

Where to buy: Decathalon  

Water Bottle Or A Flask

While hiking, your body will dehydrate quickly, but most of the times you might not notice it because of the weather. Carrying a bottle with you should be mandatory- it will help you stay fresh, and keep you energized. Keep sipping as you trek- make sure you get a steel bottle with a sipper. 

Where to buy: Again, a Decathlon literally has everything. But if you want a slightly fancier flask or bottle for transit then maybe head to a Cheap Jack in Bandra or a Chic Pad in Santacruz. Milton has a great collection too. 

Gift Shops

Cheap Jack

63, Near St. Peter Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Swiss Knife

You ever know when you might need this handy item. From opening a can to cutting your way through forests, getting this small pocket knife comes highly recommended. Especially if you're a woman venturing out solo and have to unfortunately deal with creeps. 

Where to buy: Victorinox (multiple outlets across the city)



24, Pedder Road, IT Colony, Tardeo, Mumbai



    You might have to find your way in the dark, and a flashlight will come handy. Make sure you get something that has a strong range, and stock up on batteries too!

    Where to buy: For a proper flashlight, a Decathlon will definitely help. And a powerful torch will be available in any grocery store or supermarket. 


    Being out in the open will put you in constant contact with the sun. To prevent sunburn and to protect your skin from the harmful rays, make sure you apply sunscreen and carry enough with you to last for the whole trip. 

    Where to buy: Organic Harvest is simply the best

    Bath & Body Stores

    Organic Harvest

    Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Ground Floor, Shop 6, Station Road, Nerul, Navi Mumbai



    While all the above mentioned gear is very important, what you must not take lightly is your food and medicines. Carry medicines for allergies, painkillers, common cold, constipation, fever, and high-altitude and motion sickness. Make sure you also have sanitizers as well as mosquito repellents with you. For food, carry a pack of biscuits and chocolates at all times. Dry-fruits, energy bars and peanut butter are other go-to food items that most trekkers swear by.