Tune In, Zone Out: Five Apps To Download For The Perfect Workout Soundtrack

Nupur posted on 15 March

Hate the idea of hearing the sound of your own breath while running? Or the chatter of early morning gossip girls {aunties}? We found you these awesome apps that’ll let you zone out from the noise.

Rock My Run

Rock My Run has curated playlists from professional DJs who have put together music according to the BPM, genre and the kind of activity you’re doing at the time. Think Major Lazer, Cash Cash, Icona Pop and Steve Aoki. You can also track your workout and yes, the app is compatible with watches {apple and android}.

Get it on Android here and iOS here.

Spring Moves

Called a ‘Pandora meets Fitbit’ online, Spring Moves is awesome because it matches the music to your rhythm. Prefer to jog slow or rage while running? They have a song.

Get it on iOS here.

FIT Radio

Declaring themselves as ‘World’s No 1 workout music app’ FIT Radio, this app has everything in one place. From a curated playlist to your workout map, it’ll all be there on your screen. Also, when you sign up, you can sample up to 3 hours of premium, on them.

Get it on Android here and iOS here.


Runtastic tracks your workout, speed, pace and has an awesome added feature. Called ‘Running Story’ – a combination of music and an audio book. One you put on your headphones, you’ll hear a story that’s designed to get you motivated, streamlined to music that will get you going. With every story lasting 35 minutes, it downloads directly to your device, so you can listen without streaming.

Get it on Android here and iOS here.

Gym Radio

This app does not have ads. We repeat – no ads. You have playlists sorted out according to the kind of workout you’re doing and you can even share your progress with your fellow listeners.

Get it on Android here and iOS here.