Try The Pani Puri Chicken At The New 3 Wise Monkeys Bar In Vashi

Shalvi posted on 10 August


Your friendly neighbourhood bar, 3 Wise Monkeys, has opened a new outlet in Vashi, along with introducing a new and slightly bizarre food menu.

Chow Down

When we do a bar crawl in Bandra or Khar, 3 Wise Monkeys has always featured on our list. And now, this much-loved hangout spot from Khar has opened its doors to food and alcohol lovers in Vashi.

The new menu features interesting items such as biryani in a jar, in which the biryani is not only layered with chicken, but prawns as well. There’s also pani puri chicken {the puri is stuffed with minced chicken and mint chutney} with its vegetarian counterpart consisting paneer; there’s the chicken satay served with Thai curry replacing the peanut butter sauce, and the all-time favourite naan is now served with a twist. It comes with different choice of fillings like paneer chilli, tawa sabzi, tawa jhinga, and mutton boti. Down all this with the fresh fruit cocktail Jars, where you churn the fruits as you sip the cocktail.

So We're Thinking...

The Vashi outlet is bigger in terms of the space, and while the interiors don’t look a lot different from the original one at Khar, they’ve definitely made them quirkier with a lot more posters and frames. So the next time you’re around Vashi {or if you live there} and feel like a drink, you know where to go.

Happy hours: Noon to 1am {Monday}, Noon to 8:30pm {Tue-Thu}, Noon to 7:30pm {Fri-Sun}

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