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    Always Wanted To Be A Designer? This Website Will Sell Your Creations

    Shaili posted on 04 March


    Dreamt of buying that high-end luxury coat, but realized that it would cost an arm and a leg to buy? Ungoor, an online boutique sells high-quality apparel made by some talented and upcoming designers from across the country at affordable rates to ensure that working professionals are dressed just right depending on the occasion.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Founded with the objective of providing individuals with a place that will bring their imagination to life, Ungoor gives people who want to custom-make their own designs a platform to create products that are high-end and affordable.

    They curate designs from the sketch stage to the final sale for individuals {you don’t have to be a designer to work with them}. It also provides you, as the consumer, the opportunity to buy designer wear at affordable prices.

    For aspiring designers, this is a chance to go all out. Not only is there a chance of your dress getting sold, but you get a commission as well as credit.


    Visit them to know more, and do try and check out the variety available for both men and women. And who knows, these designs could bring out the inner fashion designer in yourself.

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