Bhavika posted on 1st December

Six Upcoming Musicians You've Gotta See Perform Before Festival Season Ends

Ten-Second Takeaway

Whichever end of the spectrum you belong to – scoff at Indie artists or support ‘the scene’, it only makes sense to know which musicians you are going for at the upcoming festivals. We have put together a list of upcoming artists from the country, who are doing awesome work. Put these on your Soundcloud list, and get prepping for the musical month to come.


From Delhi, MOSKO is a band formed by Kavya Trehan, on the vocals, and Moses Koul, on the guitar. The two, along with the bassist, Abhinav and drummer, Suyash have taken the experimental rock music scene by the storm, and it’s making its way over to our side of the country soon.

Catch them at: NH7 Pune Weekender

Get a glimpse of their music here.

Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings is made up of a group of songsters, who with lively spirit, ambient voices and a lot of soul, wander and through these wanderings bring out their music. Listen to these guys if music is your remedy. Pop, country and folk is what describes them best, buy you better check them out for yourself.

Catch them at: NH7 Pune Weekender

Follow them here.

Jordan Johnson at Nariyal Pani from Delhi

Let’s not let the name of this 21-year-old confuse us. He comes from New Zealand and South Africa, but is part Indian too. He brings together rock and indie folk music with an ease, that carries in his music. His music is bound to leave you relaxed, and feel a sense of bittersweet happiness.

Catch him at: Nariyal Paani Festival

Follow him here.


A year old, don’t judge Komorebi by its age. It is an independent project by Taran Marwah, who has made circles in the Delhi music scene, with her electronica and experimental genres. Although its usually a combination of synthesiser beats and harmonic melodies, she usually performs with a drummer, Suyash Gabriel.

P.S. If you’re wondering, Komorebi is the Japanese word for the sunlight that filters through the leaves.

Catch them at: NH7 Pune Weekender

Follow them here.


A duo that does make the room dance to the beat, that is Paraphonix. Hailing from Mumbai, this is the work of Rai Dewan and Sid Shirodkar, who create electro-pop, synth heavy music. The performance, live, is fun to watch how they work together with their electronic instruments.

Catch them at: NH7 Pune Weekender

Follow them here.


River is a three-people band formed by three women from Delhi. Their music is harmonic, and can be described as soul music. It’s beautiful, and will leave you swaying.

Catch them at: NH7 Weekender Pune

Follow them here.