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Guys, We Know Just What You Should Get Your Man This Valentine's Day

Most of us have thrown our hands up in the air, proclaiming that boys are just difficult to shop for. I mean, what do guys even like? While the question remains pretty heavy and difficult to answer, there are tons of brands out there that offer pretty killer gifting options for the guy with no particular taste, with very particular tastes, or for guys who’ll like anything you give them.
These gifts are useful, and are gonna make sure the man in your life is better dressed, better smelling, and feeling a whole lot more loved.

Gift Gaali

This one's for the guy who swears freely, and loves hard. If you, a fellow swearer (or innocent bystander) want to get your beau something that'll crack him up for sure, check out the stuff Gift Gaali's got! We recommend getting him the "Beparvaah" t-shirt, if you think he hasn't been giving you enough attention. (LOL) We'd also recommend their "Kal Se Daaru Bandh" wall plaque.

Price: INR 499 onwards

Startup Style

Startup Style is India's first merchandise store dedicated to entrepreneurs, startups, marketers, bloggers, and freelancers. The merchandise ranges from t-shirts to coffee mugs to badges and stationery like notebooks. If your beau is an entrepreneurship nut who's 9-5-phobic, he'll love their stuff! Get him the "9-5 Humse Na Ho Paayega" shirt, or the very cheeky "Pyaar Nahi, Funding Chahiye" shirt.

Price: INR 449 onwards


He takes as long as you do to get ready. You're not complaining... Except when you're good to go, and he isn't. The high-maintenance guy makes sure his shirts are crisp, his wallet is full, his car is petrolled up, and his shoes are squeaky clean... So he'll appreciate this brand's bespoke footwear! We loved the comfortable edginess they offer, and well, it’s a celeb favourite too!

Locally made and so, so quirky, some of the shoes are also vegan! They’ve got many designs too - brogues, monkstraps, slides, Kolhapuri-style chappals, and even beautiful contemporary mojaris.

Price: INR 4,500 and up (haan, it's pricey)

The Bro Code

Does he love suiting up on occasion? Does he rock a suave bow-tie every now and then? If he does, we're sure he'll love The Bro Code. They've got fun accessories such as lapel pins, bow ties, suspenders, cufflinks, scarves, neck ties and even jewelry that the experimental guy will love. This brand's got gift sets, too, so look into 'em!

Price: INR 399 and up

Fancy Pastels

Vibrant and quirky prints, coupled with a great understanding of what's on-trend, makes the collection Fancy Pastels offers a winner. If your pyaar hates basics, he'll love the shirts with french fries printed on them, and the ones with bulb prints too! The range, though handmade and so fashion-forward, is reasonably priced, too!

Price: INR 1,450 onwards