Turning Vegan (Or Thinking About It) in 2020? These Shops Will Help

    Damn, that's one big choice you're considering! While it is difficult (depending on where you are at the moment) it's definitely much easier than it ever was before! There are stores all over the city that are stocked with vegan-friendly supplies , and if you think you're gonna miss cheese, doodh and mithais, these stores will have you covered!

    Rare Earth, The Organic Store & Cafe

    Rare Earth

    Available Online

    This one's India's very first all-vegan store and cafe, and they've got lakhs of products available at their Khar outlet. From every kind of vegan milk to vegan cheeses and mithais, Rare Earth pretty much has everything the newbie vegan will need. Remember to visit the cafe for a bite once you're done grocery shopping!

    Sharan Store, Versova

    Sharan Organic

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    Sharan is very popular for their healthy living workshops, and the Sharan community itself is really active. So when the store opened up at Versova, we were sure this would be the perfect place for the new vegan! Not only do they have everything you'll need, they've focused on keeping things Ayurveda-centric, and 100% healthy.

    Head here after your jog/run at Versova beach!

    Green Sattva

    Green Sattva

    Available Online

    This SoBo store has been around for pretty long, and while they're not 100% vegan, we do love the options they offer. Just steer clear of the honey. Stock up on the organic grains, bread, cereals and household items from here. You'll get non-toxic agarbattis, cleaning liquids and even fruit here!