Turning Vegan {Or Thinking About It}? These Shops Will Get You Going

If you have decided to go vegan, you may be a bit confused about how to proceed. What should you eat? And more importantly, what shouldn’t you eat? And is cheese forever gone from your life? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite vegan-friendly food services which understand the lifestyle well.

Green Sattva

Green Shop in Bandra is an all-organic food and clothing shop.They keep everythig from vegan flakes {rye and wheat ones}, vegan options for muesli, quinoa, semolina pasta, quinoa flour, cashew butter and peanut chocolate butter. You may also pick up snacks like quinoa pops, fitness and endurance bars from there.

Give the shop a visit or choose from the variety online here.  Follow them on Facebook here.

My Pure Path – The Vegan Kitchen

My Pure Path is a purely vegan kitchen. Anything you order from here will be suited just to your dietary needs, you can be assured of that. It’s not just healthy, but she believes in making vegan really downright delicious too. You can buy miso mayo, cheesy dip, hummu, chocolate almond truffles, vegan curd, white butter among many, many other awesome options.

If you don’t want to step inside the kitchen, check this to know more about their meal plans.

Order the products by contacting them on Facebook here or calling on +91 9819516503.

Fast Food Restaurants

My Pure Path

Iris Apartments, Ground Floor, 201, Opp. Agri Samaj Hall, Ghatla Village Road, Chembur, Mumbai


The Health Shop

Here, you find all from organic foods, to cosmetics and clothing for keeping up with your vegan diet. There are various flours like bajra, jowar, ragi and whole wheat. Pick up your soy milk, flaxseed powders and other organic pulses and spices here. For a complete list of what they have on sale, check this and visit their shop on Peddar Road.

Food Stores

The Health Shop


1-B, Ground Floor, Doctor House, Opp. Jaslok Hospital, 14 Pedder Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai


Monster Foods

Monster Foods focuses on providing healthy vegan and gluten-free products that you can use as substitutes for your earlier diet. They are meant to give you crazy, monstrous amounts of energy and use no dairy product in it all. They sell almond milk in flavours unsweetened, classic, vanilla, cocoa, chai masala and even matcha green tea. You may also call for their gourmet nut butter in flavours such as peanut, almond, hazelnut, cocoa peanut, cocoa almond, cocoa hazelnut – salted or unsalted.

They have milk subscription plans too, so you don’t have to worry about ordering every time the milk runs out. {Not available for order on Saturday or Sunday, however}.

Follow them on Facebook here. Order by calling +917039018385 or on Scootsy here.

Order from Nature’s Basket and Big Basket

Get a huge selection of vegan-friendly ingredients from Nature’s Basket’s health collection here. They have a never-ending selection of products, including all things organic, watermelon seeds, quinoa, you name it, they have it. Not the best place to find dairy-substitutes for vegan products though. Buy from them here.

If you look for specific ingredients such as quinoa on Big Basket, you will be able to get them to your doorstep and get them fast. Just choose express delivery, if available.

The Village Shop

The Village Shop is a cute new shop in Bandra with a focus on vegan food. While we usually suggest going by there for a filling meal, do remember to check their products section after to buy vegan cheese {yes, that is a thing!}, vegan bread and spreads. These are priced between INR 250 and 300.


The Village Shop


Serpis Villa, 53, Near St. Andrews Church, Chimbai Road, Bandra West, Mumbai



Rostaa offers vegan cheddar flavoured quinoa chips, nuts, mixed fruits and berries and mixes to fill up the stomach with vegan snacks without resorting to cheesy alternatives. Check them here for a full list.

Food Stores


G-30, Phoenix Market City Mall, Off LBS Marg, Near Kamani Junction, Kurla West, Mumbai



For ready-made easy vegan options, check The Green Stove, Avni and Myraa’s Kitchen, Vegan Bites and Yogisattva, too. You will not be disappointed.