What Is It?

A three-day EDM festival celebrating the best of Indian and International dance music, VH1 Supersonic has been on every dance music fan’s calendar for years now. It’s a reveller’s paradise with hours of back-to-back music and partying and this year they are bringing in the American hip hop rapper, Macklemore. That’s right ya’ll, it’s all going to go downtown! The festival transcends various international dance music genres and also has extensions like VH1 Supersonic Club Nights and VH1 Supersonic Arcades. Since it’s inception, it was always held in Goa. But in 2017, it’s bye bye sunshine state and hello Pune!

Who Is It For?

All of the EDM enthusiasts unite! VH1 Supersonic is here to make you ultimate dancing dreams come true. This is your chance to really eat, sleep, rave, repeat without being judged. 

Why Should I Go?

Macklemore. Period. If you still haven’t stopped moving to Thrift Shop in collaboration with Ryan Lewis and the epic Can’t Hold Us Down, you need to be in Pune to experience his magic. Of course, we’ll be singing along to Downtown. Another good news for you guys is that along with superstar Macklemore, Eric Prydz is coming to India for the very first time as well. Or shall we say he’s calling on us, finally! What? You don’t remember his epic hit Call On Me from 2004? And if that isn’t enough reason, then just place your trust in Nikhil Chinapa who curates the line-up. He’ll make sure it’s worth your while.

When: February 10-12, 2017

Where: Laxmi Lawns, 133, Magarpatta, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune

Price: INR 2,500 upwards. Tickets available here.

Featured Photo: Macklemore