Ten-Second Takeaway

Via Napoli offers authentic Italian wood-fired pizzas that come right to your doorstep. The restaurant is very budget-friendly,¬†and you’ll thank me later for recommending this.

Chow Down

This place has the best margherita pizzas in town. They also serve great Focaccia bread that helps build your appetite. Spice lovers could opt for Fiery Dragon, which is really, really pungent but a unique dish to try out. It’s a typical Napoli-style pizza with loads of olives. And hold on, don’t forget to end your meal with the Chocolate Blast, which is pure indulgence.

Sip On

Try the pineapple and basil, or the watermelon cold pressed juice. All their juices are made fresh and are absolutely delicious, so beware – they do tend to run out.

So, We’re Thinking…


Where was Mumbai hiding Via Napoli all this while? In Sion, apparently. If Gurukripa was your ultimate food place in Sion, it’s time to switch it up with Via Napoli for perfectly baked pizzas.

Photos source: Via Napoli