Ever Dreamed Of Staying Inside A Forest? We've Spotted An Amazing Villa Inside A Teak Forest

    Teak Trail

    What Makes It Awesome

    Picture this: a lush green forest, fresh air and a soothing sound of birds chirping. And then, there's you in an amazing villa right in the middle of this beautiful natural landscape. Amazing, isn't it? 

    Nestled inside the Ghera-Sinhagad Forest Reserve, is a cute little farmhouse called Teak Trail, which is just 35 kms from the Pune city. Completely surrounded by the forest on all sides, this villa is ideal for a weekend getaway from friends and family. Equipped with 10 beds, this villa can easily accommodate a bunch of 15 people. Look out of the windows and you'll get a fantastic view of the majestic and lush green Singagad mountain range. Apart from an indoor fireplace, this villa also has a dedicated space for barbecue-cum-bonfire place. Have a cute outdoor dinner, play a few games or simply sit back and enjoy the peaceful surrounding. 

    There's also a care taker who'll help you with the daily chores and he lives just 15 minutes away from the villa. And if you request, they'll be happy to arrange for a trek in the nearby mountain areas. 

    Price: 2,150 per night. 


    Well, if you have furry friends at home, they too are all the more welcome in this farmhouse. 

      Teak Trail