Da Da Bling: Buy Vogue's Snazzy New Fitness Gear On Scootsy

Bhavika posted on 5th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Vogue’s new gym wear line is out, available exclusively on Scootsy – and it’s everything nice and shiny you need to meet your 2017 workout goals.


You’ve probably read about Vogue’s Vogueathon challenge which was to help 22 people achieve their fitness goals. As a part of that challenge, they have come up with their own fitness collection called VogueXActive – with a gym bag, yoga mat {and holder} and a sipper.

Get the metallic sipper for INR 599, the yoga mat for INR 1,199 and the gym bag for INR 1,999. We’ve got our eyes on the all black-mat which we’d sport to our favourite yoga class. The only glitch is that this is only available through January, and will go off the site after that.

So, We’re Saying…

We do believe that this is the nudge that will you towards hitting up that intimidating pilates class.

Buy your wear from Scootsy here now and go, go, go.

Shop the collection here.