What Is It?

Animals Matter to Me {AMTM} is organising a birthday party for 2,500 dogs at their shelter in Marwe. Instead of partying it up on their birthdays, people have started organising birthday parties for dogs and we think it’s the sweetest thing ever. Not the kind to blow up cash at an over-priced restaurant? Do this instead. AMTM will help you set up a feeding session for stray dogs in their shelter and around as well.

Who Is It For?

If your birthday is far and you want to get rolling right away, volunteer at this one happening this Saturday. There’s food that needs to be cooked and transported to various areas in and around Marwe. The food will be carried in ambulances provided by AMTM.

Why Should I Go?

In a country where animals are yet to get their due respect and love, do your bit to bring in an iota of change. Also, cuddles don’t hurt. If you couldn’t attend it last time, this one’s happening on a weekend. The animals at the shelter are also up for adoption {dogs and cats}. Best friends can be found anywhere.

#LBBTip: Carry a bag of treats if you want to give them something extra. After all, it’s their birthday!

Where: AMTM Rehabilitation Centre

When: Sat, October 1

Timings: 9am to 7pm

Contact: +919819380310, 02228895572

Visit the Facebook event here.

Featured photo source: Animals Matter To Me