Octopus To Rabbit Meat: Would You Dare To Eat These Wacky Dishes In Mumbai?

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We often read about weird dishes around the world. So, we decided to look for something closer to home. And boy, did we find some. Would you dare to try these?

Pork Tongue

Pork tongue is served at a couple of places in the city. IMBISS serves it as a roast where slices of cured tongue are served with sauteed onions, fried potatoes, tomatoes, and pepper sauce. 


We did a comprehensive list of places where you can go and devour Octopus here. Yuuka serves octopus as sushi, Global Fusion serves takusu – an octopus sushi in their dinner buffet and Heng Bok serves Korean stir-fried octopus with vegetables.

Pickled Quail Eggs

IMBISS also serves pickled quail eggs under their beer food or small bites section. How is that beer tasting now?


Another unusual meat we don't see too often on menus in Mumbai, also served at IMBISS is the rabbit - served here as a terrine in a clear soup. Another place that we hear that serves rabbit is Hotel Deluxe in Fort (it isn't exactly on the menu, but if you ask them, you might be in luck if this is something you want to try out).


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