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Don't Get Art But Want To? Join These Museum Walks To Demystify The Beauty

Bhavika posted on 7th February

Ten-Second Takeaway

Art Walks Mumbai is the newest cultural walk to hit the galleries in Mumbai, demystifying art to the interested yet confused.

Art You Serious?

Serious as can be. These art walks are being orchestrated by young historians and art aficionados Alisha Sadikot and Nishita Zachariah, who will take you through different galleries.

Each walk will take place once a month, exploring three-four different galleries in Mumbai within walking distance from each other. The purpose is to encourage modern and contemporary art and its discussion amongst everyone, those who already enjoy visiting exhibits and those who find themselves lost.

With their previous knowledge and friendly demeanour, Alisha and Nishita hope to make art more fun and engaging for everyone, giving more context, background, history and room for perception andconversation at each gallery.

What Else Does This Include?

Some of the galleries they have on board are Akara Art, Tarq, Chatterjee & Lal, Sakshi Gallery, DAG Modern, among others.

A walk is 3 hours long, includes a tour of four galleries and a snack to keep up. It costs INR 800 per participant and a ticket can be booked on

The next one is taking place on Feb 18. Get tickets here.

So, We're Saying...

Let art and chatter about it take over an afternoon, we promise you will come out of it more informed, more inspired and happier.

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