What Is It?

Watch free screenings of a selection of some of the best films from the Dharamshala Film Festival at Alliance Francaise this week.

Who Is It For?

For those who want to support independent cinema, maybe even discover their new favourite film in the bargain, and don’t have the patience to wait for the Jagran Film Festival. The Dharamshala Film Festival {DIFF} which was started off in 2012, has been an annual affair since then. It was founded by Ritu Sarain and Tenzing Sonam to promote more indie filmmakers, and provide a platform for them to screen them in Dharamshala, an idyllic festival hub in the middle of the Himalayas.

Since many of us cannot go to Dharamshala, the hills are coming to Mumbai. Alliance Francias in partnership with the DIFF will be holding screenings of three films from the festival.

Why Should I Go?

If you are an avid cinema buff and want to watch international films {we assume you’ve already booked your MAMI tickets?}, which you will not find in mainstream cinema, you should head here. The three screenings will include The Internet’s Own Boy by Brian Knappenberger, The Look of Silence {an Indonesian film} by Joshua Oppenheimer and a Japanese film, The Tale Of Iya by Tetsuichiro Tsuta.

Anything Else?

All of these films have gotten critical acclaim and will be screened free of cost at the auditorium in South Mumbai. These are free screenings, and honestly it does not get better than this.

What: Dharamshala Film Festival

Where: Alliance Francaise, 40, Theosophy Hall, New Marine Lines

Timings: The Internet’s Own Boy {Oct 3, 6.30pm}, The Look of Silence {Oct 4, 6pm}, The Tale of Iya {Oct 10, 6pm}

Entry: Free

Featured photo source: Alliance Française de Bombay