What Is It?

This weekend catch live music under the stars off Gorai beach in Uttan. You can chillĀ in tents with bonfires and gorge on food and drinks. Organised by Band Camp and The White collar Hippie – Band camp season 3 is back with its open-air movie screenings every Friday night, along with its music nights with live gigs whilst camping in a beautiful camping area.

Who Is It For?


Music Nights is for anyone looking to escape the city on the weekends and is a fan of the outdoors. We don’t need NYC’s famous drive-ins anymore, thank you very much, as we can now just drive off to Uttan {famous for its delicious seafood and pleasant breezy weather} and enjoy the movies and music under the open night sky and camp with our friends, partners or families. Keep a check on the movie nights here.

Why Should I Go?

If you, like us, love the outdoors and the vibes of a quaint coastal town {you may even just hear the sea waves near by}. You’ll be provided with a tent, sleeping mattress, a bonfire that you can help set up, as well as dinner, barbeque and breakfast.

Anything Else?


Watch Shanay Shah, Easy Wanderlings and Vernon Noronha play live and set the mood when the sun is setting over the weekend. You can even play board games, walk around the camp, or just soak in the calmness of a place which is close yet far away from the city.

So, We’re Saying…

Skip the excuses to stay at home, and head off to Band Camp to catch live music and so much more. They also conduct workshops on Capoeira {which we tried and tested for you}, poetry workshops and other fun events throughout the day.

#LBBTip: Pets are welcome too so don’t leave behind your soft cuddly pooch at home.

Price: INR 3,000

To buy the tickets, go here.

Photos source: BandCamp