What Is It?

This weekend, all gamers and wannabe gamers should head to IGX, a congregation of gamers and industry experts who are gathering to discuss the latest news, updates and cool developments in gaming.

Who Is It For?

IGX is for anyone, literally anyone. There is no entry free or super fan pass. Everyone from the dad whose after-work hours are spent in playing a ‘counter terrorist’, and the kid who was always amused by the mobile version of Uncharted. This event is the best way to be exposed to gaming at its best, and bring home a console and amazing memories.

Why Should I Go?


Because there are a bunch of cool new games being released. For all the Dark Souls fans out there, Ubisoft’s next game, For Honor, is coming to IGX. Releasing early next year, the demo will be up at IGX for you to play as a Valiant Knight or a Bloody Viking.

Besides this, Playstation VR, the most talked about technical advancement in console gaming, is also heading this way. If you are one of those who want to experience being trapped inside a true horror game like Outlast or Kitchen, this is your shot at virtual reality. There are tournaments to be won left right and centre, with the likes of WWE 2K17 – that’s right, the latest in line – featuring Goldberg, coming to stop your heart. Plus tons of other sports games for you to enjoy, like NBA 2K17 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Sony will also bring its exclusives like No Man’s Sky and Uncharted to the venue.

If you are one of the cosplaying types, then try Game Face 2016, one of the most fascinating bits of IGX 2016. You can cosplay as anyone from a video game franchise, anime series or a crossover, like Batman: Arkham Knight. IGX 2016 also is a great place for you to trade your old games for brand new titles. Time to sell your older NBAs and WWEs and bring home the updated editions of the same.

Anything Else?

Although the event is free, there is a way to pre-register yourself for the event and stay notified here. The event managers have urged most of the visitors to choose public transport over personal vehicles, as parking might get on your nerves.

When: October 15-16

Where: World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade

Check out the Facebook event here.

Photos source: IGX-Indian Games Expo