Jayati posted on 23rd December

Our Weekly Doze Of Cute: Which One Of These Furballs Will You Take Home?

Ten-Second Takeaway

As the year is coming to an end, we have come up with our final round up of the cute balls that are up for adoption in the Mumbai city. 2016 has been a strange year, but you can make it better, or rather start the new year with a bang by giving these little paws a forever home they can call their own.

This Beauty

Laila is a healthy and a few weeks old puppy who was rescued off the streets not that long ago in South Mumbai. We all will be with our family and friends this Christmas, how about giving Laila a family too? Let her bow wow to your hearts.

To adopt her, call Save Our Strays on +919821327618.

This Cutey

Jingles is a Christmas miracle that needs your help to happen. Abandoned alongside his three other siblings in Mazgaon, Jingles is now looking for some parents to give her love, comfort and everything that’s nice in this world {read cuddles}. She, along with her pups have been dewormed and are in healthy shape. So be the Santa you are, and adopt her.

To adopt her, call Save Our Strays on +919821327618.

This Pawman

Milo has a tragic story. Abandoned by a new owner, Milo was taken in by a guardian angel in Malad West who unfortunately cannot keep Milo for too long. Milo is approximately eight weeks old, vaccinated and super healthy. He is now looking for warmth, treats and parents to call his own, so if you want a cutesy tiny fur ball lounging around your couch, get Milo home.

To adopt her, call Save Our Strays on +919821327618.

This Heartbreaker

Clint Eastwood is an absolute bad ass. Clint is the alpha male at the Cat Café. Popular among all ages of feline lovers, he’s quite a heartbreaker. Adopt him at your own risk, you’ll never get tired of showering all your love on him. Don’t believe us, meet him in person at Cat Café Studio {or even volunteer}.

Call The Cat Cafe at +919167012606

This Lapwarmer

The gorgeous Clementine is the perfect lap cat to take away all your worries. She’s not fat, she’s just has big bones, and no she isn’t pregnant. Her personality only gets better when she’s eyeing you from a distance inviting you to rub her bum while she merrily purrs away to glory.

Call +9191670 12606 to know more.

This Flaunt-er

Adele is true to her name in every sense. She flaunts the attitude of a diva and has the grace of a queen. When she gazes upon you, she’ll stare right into your soul and make your heart melt. Adopt her if you are ready to pamper her because she deserves it and she knows that.

Call +919167012606

With inputs about the Cat Cafe Studio via Mihir Bhatt.