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This Mumbaikar Will Send Curated Playlists To Your Inbox Every Week


Music lovers, now get a special, curated music newsletter delivered to your inbox once a week. Jukebox Mash is here and it will sort out your music worries.

Tell Me More

Started off by Bhavika Bhatia, who’s a Mumbai-based graphic designer, the newsletter made its debut only on October 8. After mulling over it for weeks, this passion project began after a Facebook status had been updated asking her friends, and people if they’d like a curated playlist every week. With overwhelming assertive responses, the work began. She tells us, she has been curating playlists for a while now. For example: if she finds a cool, song/artist/album, she sends them to her friends.

Bhavika also works with Sofar Sounds Bombay, a global community that organises secret music gigs once month. As a result, music has been a part of her life. And with this newsletter, her idea is to get music out to people, who are probably not out there “scouting for tunes”.

What We Love

It’s a fresh playlist off the charts – a mix of her favourites and ones she’d like to recommend people. Remember when we told you about a music playlist by a fellow Mumbaikar? We’re always happy to bring to you more people who’re doing unique things like these.

Still in its nascent stage, the mail links to a Youtube link, and Spotify link. Every song has a brief introduction about it, and is followed by the name of the album in case you want to give it a thorough listen. You can expect anything, and everything. The playlist will be curated on basis of moods, genres, aesthetics, and emotions.

So, We're Saying...

If you’d like to get fun playlist once a week, you can drop Bhavika an email at A mailing list will be out soon as week so folks can subscribe to it.