Ten-Second Takeaway

Animals Matter To Me has released an adorable calendar and we’re registering ‘awwww’ as our favourite word in our dictionary of cute.

What Is It?

The best way to spend the last day of every month – flip it to meet a new furry buddy every month. The calendar stars ‘AMTM’s Rescue Celebrities’ for every month of 2017. There’s a St. Bernard named War, a white mix called Hachiko {aww}, a feisty doggo named Jessu and a cat named Goldie and more {they will melt your heard, one photo at a time}.

22012017_animalsmattertome01The funds from the sales of the calendar will sponsor the treatment of animals admitted at their rehabilitation centre. Priced at INR 350, it’s available in a desk as well as wall format. They’re also running a special offer for animal lovers where you can buy combo pack of two calendars at just INR 500.

So, We’re Saying…

22012017_animalsmattertome02One of the most important issues today, the upliftment of our dear strays is vital. So, if it touches a nerve somewhere or you want a dose of cute on your table, please buy this calendar.

You can place an order on their Facebook page here or call them on +912228895572.

Featured photos courtesy: Animals Matter To Me