Ten-Second Takeaway

The newest outlet of Paanwallaa, the paan shop, opened this weekend at Pali Naka and we tried them to see if they could sufficiently chase our heavy meal at a nearby restaurant.

Paan-ed Out

We started with something called ‘Bounty’ made of the Bounty-brand chocolate {coconut lovers, rejoice}. We quickly moved on to the ice paan which was fed to us carefully {it’s quite a mess} but we still managed to spill some gulkand out. We couldn’t speak for a few minutes but the paan made up for it. The sensation of an ice burst was enough to eliminate the need for a cup of ice-cream later.

If you’re around Pali Naka, do pop in for their specialty paans starting at INR 40. They have chocolate, strawberry, dry fruit {Happy Diwali}, paan salsa {cringes}, mint mojito and fire paan. They also have hookahs starting at INR 600 and pipes {if you want to replace your current one} at INR 250. They showed us one which lets you blow out cold smoke and one which had LED lights.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’re team paan and like to experiment, Paanwallaa will sort your needs. Also be your next neighbourhood place to buy hookah and other paraphernalia.

Photos: Nupur Prasad/LBB