Popcorn Lovers, Get Delicious & Flavoured Makhanas From Whistle For A Healthier Snack


Mindlessly inching towards the packet of potato chips when idle and mildly hungry? Wait. We’ve got to introduce you to something a lot healthier and just as munchy – roasted makhana by Whistle.

Pop Goes The Weasel

Surrounded by colleagues who can’t stop snacking, we find ourselves unable to drown out the voices in our head saying ‘join them, it’s just a little fat’. Recently, we found something that’ll let us snack a little more calsled makhana. Makhana are roasted lotus seeds and they taste just like popcorn.

Our mums would, once upon a time, roast these for us but those days are long gone and time much more cramped. Whistle, is a company that makes life a lot easier for us and packages packets of makhana in so many different flavours. Feeling cheesy? They’ve got them. Want pepper? They’ve got ‘em. There are eight flavours to choose from, Jain and non-Jain versions. We personally love the ‘sunshine’ flavour which has mustard flavouring, and the lime-n-chilly flavour as well.

These come in {less than} 100-calorie packs and each pack is filling enough to last you for a good while.

So, We're Saying...

The 20g ones are perfect for eating a little, feeling full and stopping and are just for INR 35 {the larger 60g ones are for INR 85-95}

You’ve just gotta order them in here and keep them away in the corner of your office for a rainy day.