Witness Miracles Of Nature At This Place In Sahyadris

Konkan Kada

What Makes It Awesome?

In this pre-monsoon period, get ready to witness a phenomenon which will just put you in awe of nature. The expedition to see and photograph the circular rainbow "Indravajra" in the Western Ghats can be seen on Konkankada at Harishchandragad Harishchandragad is an ancient fort from the Medieval period where the Great sage Changdev (Writer of the epic Tatvasaar), used to meditate in the 14th century. Konkan Kada is one of the biggest cliffs of the Sahyadri, fascinating many people from years together. Facing towards the Konkan side, the cliff looks down upon the Konkan with a breathtaking view of the surrounding region. Not only vertical, but it has an overhang, almost like a cobra’s hood. Kedareshwar: The cave of Kedareshwar has a big Shivlinga, which is totally surrounded by water. It is a beautiful 2-day trek. Also known as the trekkers' paradise. One can stay in a tent. You can rent it or carry your own. Renting costs around INR 600 per tent. You can have local Maharashtrian food cooked by villagers on the mountain top. Maharashtrian thali veg costs INR 200 and non-veg costs INR 250.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Pets

Konkan Kada