What Is It?

There’s a new exciting drumming workout coming to town called Pound workout and you can sign up for this super unique class. It’s happening on February 25 at Garware Club House in Wankhede Stadium. The session will be conducted by Jignya Johri in collaboration with Uactiv.

Who Is It For?

It’s for anyone who loves an intense and fun workout. The pound workout is the newest kind of workout and is basically a mini bootcamp that combines cardio and strength all on quick progressive beats. The best bit? You’ll be drumming the sticks {ripstix} hard whilst working out and no we do not kid. The workout builds on resistance, strength training and cardio with sound and motion for the patrons to burn of calories in this session.

Photo source: Poundfit

Photo source: Poundfit

Why Should I Go?

In simpler words, it’s a western take on our desi dandiya nights except this is a legit workout, hence the approval. You’ll get to workout on diverse playlists ranging from funk, rap and even dubstep. There’ll be over 15,000 repetitions with the drum sticks and it already sounds fun to us!

A few of the benefits of pound workouts albeit the rhythm of drumming is known to reduce anxiety and even boost the immune system. You can expect a combination of cardio, pilates and zumba.

Anything Else?

Do make sure to carry your yoga mats as you won’t get them there. The session is for INR 1,000 and it’ll include refreshments that will be served there itself.

So, We’re Saying…

The rockout workout as it’s called is unique, exciting and super intense. If you’re the one who likes to shake things up in their fitness routine, this is the perfect class for you.

Where: Garware Club House, Wankhede Stadium, D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

When: February 25, 4pm to 7pm

Price: INR 1,000

Find the event on Facebook here.