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    Look Ma, I'm An Artist: Attend A Workshop That Tells You To Follow Your Calling

    Jayati posted on 22 August


    Hashtag Scope is a start-up in Mumbai that is looking to organise weekly workshops for college students. Or anyone who is looking to walk down an unconventional career path.

    The World's Your Oyster

    How many times have you lived vicariously through the cool characters in your books and movies? The ones who seem to somehow pursue their dream job. Often, you see the plot shifting from desk jobs to surfing, being a tattoo artist, a professional skier, a novelist or even a home baker. Hashtag Scope is looking to pull these unconventional jobs right out of the movies and bring them to the mainstream. But how? By organising weekly workshops in the city, that are open to everyone {though they are looking at ages between 18 to 25, it’s not a strict criteria}.

    This brand that is redefining the conventional career opportunities has been founded by Aanchal Arora and Mihir Joshi. The idea is simple – let the kids of today know that they have multiple options to choose from. The workshops will expose them to people who are already acing their jobs and well, adulthood.

    What We Love

    The main property of Hashtag are the workshops – they get an influencer or a professional from a specific field and get him/her to talk to the group about their journey. In the past, they have had a popular tattoo artist, Zaheer Chatriwala who conducted a workshop on how he chose his career- and the ‘what not’s’ that come with the job. By bringing an unconventional professional  in contact with the audience, it gives the audience a chance to delve deeper. All aspects including finance, ideas, a how-to about starting your own brand, etc. are discussed and the audience gets to know it all by hearing personal experiences.

    The workshops are conducted in two parts. First part entails a talk where the guest speaks about his/her experiences in the field, followed by a practical display of the skill. For example, a home baker will tell you all about icing and a football player would kick in a few tricks to engage.

    The workshops are generally conducted every Sunday, and have been happening at The Cuckoo Club. However, since Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, it’s on hold. They should resume September 3 onward. It is a ticketed event, and you can buy the tickets online easily. They are looking to switch to Razzberry Rhinoceros for future workshops.

    So, We're Saying...

    An open platform that seems educative and aims to break barriers, we’re glad it’s here. They also have a website that is regularly updated with articles by professionals from all spheres – be it comedy, fashion, photography, or even music. Here, they share their experiences and bust the myth that these jobs don’t result in a successful career or money. Take a look at the highly successful comedy collective – AIB.

    You can follow them on Facebook for their upcoming events here.

    Also find inspiring articles on their website here.


    They are open to organising these workshops at colleges, offices, or anywhere. Feel free to get in touch with them.

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