This Tiny Street Stall In Worli Sells The Most Delicious, Fiery Seekh Pav


Love hot, succulent seekh kebabs? Then you have got to try the utterly delicious seekh-pav combination at this stall in Worli.

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Mohan Bhai Seekh Pav is a small stall near B.D.D. Chawl No- 90, and opens only in the evenings after 7.30pm, and is guaranteed to be sold out by 9 pm. At this family-run thela of Mohan Bhai and his son, you can find the most juicy pieces of succulent mutton seekh and pav with a fiery red chutney that will make smoke come out of your ears.

It is made specifically for people with iron-clad tummies {no jokes}. The joint only does takeaways. You get charged per piece for the seekh, and ladies, we don’t suggest you hang around here alone. For those going, get here early, and remember that the stall is shut on Thursdays and even during festivals an dother public holidays.

So, We're Saying...

Did we say tasty seekh kebabs? Yes we did! So join us here as we gorge on this delicious delicacy.