You Guys, This New {And Very Delicious} Drink Apparently Prevents Hangovers


Morning Fresh is an alcohol detox drink that will basically help you get rid of a hangover and leave no trace of the copious amounts you may have consumed the previous night. Now, haven’t all our prayers been answered?

More Power & No Hangover

This all-natural alcohol detox drink comes in compact, 60ml bottles and in three flavours – cola, mint and strawberry. This concoction is delicious and contains Vitamin C, mulberry extract and proteins that basically act like a complete antidote for those annoying, painful hangovers. These ingredients help digest the alcohol and eradicate all the toxins. The drink is to be consumed at the end of the night before you hit the sack {it is important to follow this procedure because this has to be your last drink for the night}.

Morning Fresh contains no fat or carbohydrates and protects your liver fully, ensuring you do not wake up with that nasty hangover. Each bottle is priced at INR 100, and you can buy it individually or as a combo pack. They will deliver the drink{s} to you in two to five working days, depending upon you address. Click here to check out their website and order, or here to order from Amazon.

So, We're Saying...

No more hangovers? Hell yeah! We’re going to party harder only because we know we ain’t getting those hangovers again.