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Weekend Getaways Sorted: Yeoor Hills Is Where Your Dose Of Fun Lies!

    Thane Area, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Yeoor Hills is a treat to the sore eye. This beauty is located in the Thane district of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and is a perfect picnic spot for you. It's green forest cover has the Upvan lake flowing through it, and it plays a host to many for hiking, and bird watching, especially during monsoons. So if you're tired of the confined WFH setup, take some time off, and visit this natural beauty. 

    Activities to Engage In: Yeoor hills is also very apt for you if you're an avid  tree-spotter (and lover)There's a whole spread of Red Pine, Tamarind, Mango, Amla, Jackfruit, Black Current, to name a few. If you're looking to laze around under the sky and be engulfed in serenity, Yeoor is your go-to place. Set up your tents near the Upavan Lake, hear a variety of birds chirp, enjoy your little picnic, and make it count. 

    How To Reach: Located near Thane station, it is easily accessible by road and train. However, we wouldn't really advise you to take the train during Covid-19. So maybe enjoy a car ride to the place, with your friends or fam.


    Having a picnic in the outdoors comes with its set of responsibilities. Be sure to be mindful about the trash and leaving the surroundings unharmed. If you respect nature, it will respect you back. It is that simple.


    Yeoor is worth the visit, but we're also challenged by the pandemic. So make sure that you do a sanitation check, wear your mask, and carry your sanitizer when visiting the hills. 

      Thane Area, Mumbai