What Is It?

The gorgeous treehouse resort, The Machan, awaits you for a yoga getaway through Feb 17–19. This retreat is a 3-day one, for those looking for peace, a little relaxation and a lot of beautiful vistas.

Who Is It For?

Has 2017 got you worse for the wear already? Take a pause {and a day off} and give yourself a little pampering at The Machan. A yoga-enthuasiast looking to stretch, release and breathe in and out all while staying in the uber awesome tree-houses among the clouds would love this. It’s a splurge, but staying at this property always is an expensive affair.

Why Should I Go?

The Machan truly stands out among resort destinations around Mumbai, with its spectacular views, treehouse rooms built spaciously and luxuriously and the sheer distance from the bustle. Go completely ‘off-grid; with these tree houses 30-40 feet above the ground, among the clouds – you can even pretend that there is no network when work calls you.

The man behind this event is Mr. Bijay Anand, and it has been organised by Anahata along with Mr. Jehangir Palkivala, who will be taking the yoga classes.

Anything Else?

It is a luxury trip, costing you INR 36,000 per individual on twin sharing basis. This includes your stay, the yoga classes and all meals.

When: Fri–Sun, Feb 17–19

Where: The Machan, Atvan, Lonavala

Price: INR 36,000 per individual