Jayati posted on 9th February

We Cracked It: Our Guide To The Ten Best Egg-Free Desserts In Mumbai

Desserts are possibly the most wonderful thing about any meal. Following all those flavours and savoury flavours, the sweet indulgence is just the best. However, there’s a myth that’s been floating around for eons that eggless desserts cannot stand their ground against the ones that do. We’re popping that myth, and have rounded up our pick of the best eggless desserts in town. Go on vegetarians, have some fun, we’ve got food porn for you right here.

Dutch Truffle, Oven Fresh

Oven Fresh in Dadar is a legend of sorts among the dessert loving community. It’s an all vegetarian place, and they do a lot of their desserts eggless along with their delicious range of eggless cakes and pastries. Our pick is the yummy Dutch Truffle pastry. It’s a holy pastry combination of truffle, chocolate and layers of sponge cake. Sounds sinful doesn’t it? And it’s completely egg-free.

Price: INR 180 per piece

Fresh Fruit Popsicles, Garde Manger

Bursting the myth of not-so-delicious egg-free desserts, we bring to you the fresh fruit Popsicles at Garde Manger. From their different flavours, you can choose these all-year round summer favourite pops.

Price: INR 75 a pop

Homemade Chocolate Sorbet, Bombay Salad Co.

Not just for their healthy and filling salads, which we love, they also have a mean vegan chocolate sorbet. The homemade chocolate sorbet just ticks marks all the boxes, it’s dairy-free, organic and made with dark rich chocolate, with its two sinful scoops except it is not sinful at all.

Price: INR 170

Pizza Cookie, Playlist Pizzeria

When our two loves meet, there’s a wonderful creation called pizza cookie. Playlist Pizzeria is offering up eggless pizza cookie, which is basically pizza shaped cookie dough topped with chocolate nuts on top.

Price: INR 150

Ice Creams, Sucres Des Terres

Sucres Des Terres does some amazing smooth and creamy handmade ice creams. They have quite a few eggless options for their ice creams, and we suggest you check them out for the perfect summer day’s out.

You can order the ice creams here.

Price: INR 750 for 500 ml jar

Strawberry Shortcake, Deliciae Pattiserie

The shortcakes at Deliciae Pattiserie are completely eggless. They’re delish, pretty little things and come with a sweet strawberry on top.

Price: INR 180 a piece

Naked Nutella Waffle, Belgian Waffle Co.

Belgian Waffle Co. does vegetarian waffles which means all of them are eggless. There you go brunch lovin people. The naked nutella waffle is the dream waffle, with dripping chocolate on top. You can even add your fresh fruits on top for an extra healthy meal.

Price: INR 140

Eggless Blueberry Cheesecake, AKA Bistro

Now there, we know the obsession with cheesecakes. They’re the perfect comfort companions. One bite, and you know you’ll be fine. We’ve found an eggless alternative for people who’re looking, and the eggless blueberry cheesecake at the AKA Bistro is the one for you.

Price: INR 250 {plus taxes}

Lemon Crackle, Merwans {Andheri West}

A tiny bakery near Andheri West station, Merwans does amazing cakes, pastries and desserts. They offer eggless options for most of their items. We love the citrusy lemon crackle. It’s tangy, creamy and eggless.

Price: INR 50

Flower Pot Surprise, Jamjar Diner

A literal flower pot at the first glance, this beautifully prepared dessert can be made egg free. Think gooey brownie, marshmallows, ice cream and oreo soil served in a flower pot for you to go back to the basics. Just tell them you want to an eggfree vegetarian one, and it’ll be served to you.

Price: INR 387 {plus taxes}

Baklava, Thallassa

Firstly, you don’t need to go to Goa to throw up your legs, and lounge around. Secondly, we found an eggless option for you at this Greek eatery. That’s right, a traditional Baklava at Thalassa is egg free. It’s made with a sweet pastry that encompasses chopped nuts and sweetened with oodles of honey. An exorbitant indulgence, but hey, that’s what you get at your big fat Greek wedding.

Price: INR 420 {plus taxes}