Cutting Chai Lamps, Anyone? Get Them From This Unique Indie Light Brand

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Zo Design Life

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What Makes It Awesome

Lamps, without a doubt, are a good investment. They're not just aesthetic pieces lying in one corner and beautifying your abode, but they also come handy when there's no electricity. And if you're fond of quirky things, we're sure that you'll love what we've found for you. Read on and unravel! 

Zo Design Life is in the lamp business since 30 years now, and merges modernity with Indian designs to create the best of lamps for you. Think of a lamp that's in the shape of a cutting chai glass, or a kettle. Yep, they're that awesome. There's also an Elaichi half pendant light that's very unique. Made of brass, it makes for a great hanging piece in the living room. What steals the show, however, is the Inspiratio'Nal' desk lamp (we hope you got the pun) It is a lamp that's in the shape of a tap and looks super cool. The concept of it is that it'll pour out light when put on. You also have an option between brass and aluminum in this. A tad bit expensive at INR 9,890, but we're super happy with the design so we'll overlook the amount. 

So if you're looking to add quirks in your home and want something that stands out, look no further than Zo Design Life. These gorgeous lamps are a great gifting option too, in case you're looking to buy something offbeat. 


Zo Design Life also has a Nimbu Mirchi hanging made of brass that looks way better than the real ones that perish after a few days, and you eventually have to throw them off. For INR 799, it's a very elegant piece for your door.