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Earn points by posting about your favourite places and products.
Spend your points on shopping from awesome local brands on LBB.

Earning points with LBB Perks

Wondering how you can score points on LBB? (we'll keep adding to this list!):

  • icon-downloadGet the app and sign up:
    + ₹10
  • icon-editPost your first recommendation:
    + ₹20
  • icon-editEvery Post on LBB:
  • icon-awardIf your recommendation gets featured:
    + ₹50
  • icon-packageShop on LBB:
    10% of the purchase value

Here's how to post on LBB (it's so easy!):

Spending Your Points

Use your Perks points to shop for great products on LBB
The math is simple:

1 POINT = ₹ 1

P.S. You can claim upto a 10% discount on your purchase

Level Up and Get More Points

The better your posts, the higher your points. You can rise in levels by getting more posts Featured on LBB:

  • NewbieNewbie (No Featured posts):
    per post
  • ExplorerExplorer (1 Featured post):
    per post
  • TastemakerTastemaker (5 Featured posts):
    per post
  • All-StarAll-Star (15 Featured posts):
    per post

You can learn about your level in the Profile section of the app

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How do I get Featured?

If your post follows our parameters for the community, your post will get Featured. This includes having good information & pictures, and recommending a real place, product or service.

How do I post on LBB?

Download the app and hit the Post button. Here's a quick demo of posting on LBB:

What does it mean to get “Featured”?

When you post on LBB, only your followers see your post. Once your post gets featured, it is shown to the entire community - getting you more views, saves, shares and followers!

How long does it take to get Featured?

Posts usually get featured within 5 days

When do I get my points?

You get your points immediately after taking any of the above actions. We'll let you know via the app.

How do I check my points balance?

You can check your points balance by logging in and going to the rewards section.

How do I use my points on LBB?

Easy-peasy - just log in when you are buying something on LBB, and the points will get applied automatically!

Can my points be exchanged for cash?

Sorry! Points can only be used on LBB purchases - but they are as good as cash!

What's the value of a point?

1 point = 1 Re.

Is there a limit on the number of points I can use to buy something?

You can use LBB Perks points up to 10% of your total order value.

Can I transfer my points?

Nope - but you can definitely buy some great gifts for friends & family with them!