Leather Wallets, Charger Holders & More: Cart 21 Degree's Tech Accessories NOW!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Remember those days when receiving a leather wallet or bag as a gift was so fancy? Well, we think it still is and that's why when we came across 21 Degree, we were super impressed.

    Started in 2017, 21 Degree is headquartered in Pune with multiple manufacturing facilities across India. They manufacture premium quality leather accessories such as wallets, belts, card holders, laptop bags and much more. What we love about 21 Degree is their fine quality and their range of products. There are so many options available, that you are for sure going to get confused picking just one.

    The brand, 21 Degree, was created for the 21st century which is why their style is contemporary, minimalist and utilitarian. Our favourites? We love their leather charger holders starting at INR 320. These are super convenient if you are travelling as you can just keep your phone in the holder and put it on charge. Their range of leather wallets start at INR 699 and goes up to INR 1900. You can also invest in one of their laptop bags that come with multiple compartments.


    21 Degree offers corporate gifting options as well. You can place a bulk order for products at a wholesale price. You can also check their collection out on LBB and shop away.