Lockdown Boredom? These 5 Apps That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained

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Are your kids getting bored during the lockdown? Worry not. Download these apps or follow these IG accounts that will keep them glued to one place. 


Does your child love reading? You must encourage this habit and download Epic, an excellent reading app for children that will develop their interest in the hobby. They have plenty of books with simple language and appealing visuals, both personalised as per the child's reading levels. Not only will your child learn new words but also articulation. They also have audiobooks and videos. Interesting way to spend your free time, isn't it?

YouTube Kids

Why should kids stay behind when adults can totally enjoy awesome video content on YouTube? Download YouTube Kids, a special kids-only Youtube channel that will stream kid-friendly content and shows that will keep them glued to their seats while you can enjoy a quick nap, snack or work. The content is categorised into three categories: pre-school (for 4 years and younger), younger (5-7-year-olds) and older (8-12 year-olds). Parents can pre-approve the content before letting their kids watch it.

Red Ted Art With Mary Alice

Instead of watching TV, encourage your children to unleash the inner Picasso by watching fun and engaging craft tutorials by Mary Alice who runs an Insta account by the name Kidscrafts101. She teaches simple DIY arts and crafts to kids below the age of 12. With detailed posts explaining the art techniques, she'll teach you to turn scrap into beautiful art pieces.

Little Kitchen Academy

Check out the Instagram account of Little Kitchen Academy, a one-of-a-kind Montessori-inspired kitchen based in Vancouver. They upload fun and informative culinary videos for kids which also includes no-fire cooking. Way to go little chefs.


What's a better way to learn than learning with music and fun activities? Lingokids is a popular English play-learning app that will impart language and creative knowledge to kids through fun methods and activities. There are games, activities, and tutorials that also teach children about focussing their attention and having patience. 


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