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Don The Chef's Hat & Prepare These 5 Delicacies For Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, don't let your mom enter the kitchen and instead cook these 5 simple yet yummy recipes for her. The dishes are such that you can easily find the ingredients in your neighbourhood store. Take a look:

Red Velvet Cake With Three Ingredients

This video tutorial teaches us how to make a spongy red velvet cake using just three ingredients! No, we're not kidding. This lockdown, when there is a dearth of gourmet baking ingredients, you need not give up on sweet treats. Try your hand at this spongy recipe. Here's the video.

Thai Green Curry

Treat your mom to something exotic and whip up some delicious Thai Green Curry with rice by making it at home. This video will teach you how to make this delicious comfort dish using simple ingredients.

Battered Crunchy Veggies

Chef Vanshika Bhatia shares with us this amazing recipe of battered crunchy veggies which makes for a perfect side dish to dal-chawal, rito-sabji or even biryanis. You can also enjoy these crunchy veggies during teatime while enjoying these fried snacks. The ingredients are also easily available. For the full recipe, check out this video.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

When it comes to comfort food, spaghetti aglio e olio tops the list for most of us. All you need is spaghetti pasta, garlic, seasoning and a generous amount of olive oil along with some cheese. Learn to make this classic pasta dish at home from Swayampurna aka Le Petit Chef. Watch the video for full recipe.

Big Chill's Banoffee Pie

Our visits to Big Chill are incomplete if we don't dig into the sinful banoffee pie. A classic English dessert, banoffee pie is a pie made with cream and bananas on a buttery biscuit. Try your hand at this amazing by watching this step-by-step recipe. Make this your signature dessert on mother's day.