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Coconut Rose, Choco Walnut & More: Varieties Of Modaks You Must Try This Ganpati

meenketan posted on 22 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

While the Ganesh Chaturthi is a time of celebration and joy, it also is a time when modaks flood every sweet shop. For the modak lover in you, here are the five types of modaks that are available in sweet shops nearest to you.

Malai Modak From Khalsa Dairy

Most likely to be available in any sweet shop near you, malai modaks are the most common types. Made from a combination of richotta cheese, saffron, and heavy cream, malai modaks are a must have. With every bite, you’ll find yourself a step closer to paradise. With the perfect amount of sweetness, malai modaks are the ones for you if you like the traditional.

Price: INR 480/kg

Dairy Farms

Viman Prestige, Off Datta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune

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Coconut Rose Modak From Mulchand Sweet

If you aren’t a fan of the malai modak, then we’d recommend you try the coconut rose modak. Just as popular as previously mentioned, coconut rose modaks are made from an unique mixture of coconut, dry fruits, and rose petal preserves. A healthier option when compared to the malai modak, this type of modak is just as appetizing.

Sweet Shops

525, Centre Street, Camp, Pune

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Choco Walnut Modak From Mulchand Sweets

We know there are many of you who aren’t fond of sweets and even so, healthy sweets. Well, for those you, we’d suggest the choco walnut modak. With a blend of two heavenly ingredients, chocolate and walnuts, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this splendid sweet.

Price: INR 600/kg

Fried Modak From Karachi Sweets

Not so readily available, it is quite frequently made at home during the festive season to serve Bappa as an offering. Made with two different types of flours, vari and rajgiri, along with coconut and jaggery, Fried modaks are crispy on the outside unlike other modaks and soft and sweet on the inside. Cardamom and cashew are also added to bring about a classic taste.

Sweet Shops

568, Sachapir Street, Camp Area, Pune

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Kesar Paneer Modak From Khalsa Dairy

An unconventional type of modak, not many shops offer paneer modaks. Made using a mixture of minced paneer, milk, ghee, and saffron strands, paneer modaks might just be the most delectable of the lot. With an enticing combination of saffron and paneer, this type of modak is one whose taste simply can’t be forgotten. Feel the softness of the paneer along with the floral taste of saffron with every bite that you take off of the modak.

Price: INR 550/kg