An Alcohol Store, Sanitary Pad Vending Machines & More: Pune Airport Is About To Get Cooler

    What Makes It Awesome?

    With the proposed Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje International airport at Purandar in Pune still going through clearances, the current airport is going through a revamp and these are some things we've heard one can look forward to. The expansion project is said to have an investment of INR 650 crore. A new terminal building, a solar power system, new check-in counters and boarding gates, new road connectivity and other improved passenger amenities are part of what's planned. The airport will also be increasing the number of flights from 90 to 154 and will be a lot more equipped at handling the increase in passengers. However, there are some changes that have us super excited! Domestic passengers at the Pune airport will soon have access to a liquor shop.That's right. We've heard that the outlet will be on the ground floor of the terminal building, at the arrival area. While we're a little unhappy that it won't be duty-free, at least we'd now have the option of picking up that bottle of wine after a tiring flight. While the airport washrooms are currently getting renovated, what's super cool is that they're going to be setting up sanitary napkin vending machines in women's washrooms. The city-based Tribal Research and Training Institute will transport you into the world of tribal art and culture of Maharashtra while you are at the Pune airport. They recently opened a display centre at the airport and now plan to take passengers on a virtual tour of the tribal museum at Koregaon Park. Passengers will be able to check out different exhibits at the museum and even buy artefacts and handicrafts.

    Anything Else?

    So get ready to experience an airport that is efficient, convenient and really fun to be at!