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Too Busy To Shop? This Pune-Based Stylist Will Shop For You & Style You

Avirat posted on 14th September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Based out of Pune, Andy Barve is a stylist and an personal shopper who charges the most affordable price for the service that he provides which is only 10% of the entire shopping bill!

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Taking his love for retail therapy to the next level, Andy Barve, a pune based stylist helps you out in shopping for the perfect attire that you’ve been wanting for a friend’s wedding, your job or just some casuals, all of this he offers at only 10% of the entire billing amount!

The whole point, as Andy says, for him to render his services is not to keep people up with trends but instead, it is to actually make them feel comfortable in what suits them the best based upon their features, body type and also the occasion they plan for. Andy gathers his experience in fashion and styling from the places that he has worked for like Vogue India and!

Anything Else?

Soon, Andy has a big surprise planned out for all you fashion enthusiasts which shall be one of it’s kind! To know more follow him on his Instagram handle.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re wanting to make your ex regret on their wedding day, let Andy handle!

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