This Artist Makes Customised Postcards And Is Preserving The Art Of Letter Writing

    What Makes It Awesome?

    When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Anushka Sawarka, a Pune-based artist who goes by @Anushka.Postcards on Instagram, is reviving the culture of pen friends with her creative and custom-made postcards.  

    Sawarkar tells us that she began exchanging postcards around five years ago when the telegram service was completely shut down by India Post. It was during this period that she got fascinated with the idea of exchanging letters through the yellow postcards. 

    While she was exchanging letters through various attractive postcards. Like a lightning bolt, it occurred to her that she could use her collection of pictures and this led to the creation of Anushka Postcards. 

    Through her brand, Sawarkar does some really cool, sophisticated and quirky postcards too. To begin with, Sawarkar used her own travel images and was overwhelmed by the response that she got for them. This encouraged her to design her own postcards and sell them through her Instagram page or even via email. 

    Her postcards are made on the same lines as your old-school yellow Indian postcards. You can either get your favourite image or drawing imprinted on it through Sawarkar or you can simply select from her cool designs. The best part about her postcards is that they are extremely affordable. The prices for a single postcard will cost you INR 20. However, if you opt for a set of five, the cards will be priced at INR 15 per card. 

    Apart from creating cool postcards, Sawarkar also hosts a number of workshops on letter writing. These workshops are held with a simple intention of spreading the happiness of letter writing. You also learn the importance of stamps and its technical aspects too. The best part about these workshops is that you get to meet others too who are equally enthusiastic about writing letters and pen-friendships.


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