Moulds To Sprinkles For Toppings: Get All You Need To Bake At This Store

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    Whether you are a full-fledged baker or just love baking, we know all of you need all sorts of tools for making that perfect cake or cookie. Keeping this need in mind, we found Arife Lamoulde in Ganesh Peth, a one-stop-shop for all your baking needs. 

    The huge store has cake pans, essences, food colours, moulds, mittens, cream cones, cake tops, cake stands and all things that you'd perhaps find in a professional baker's kitchen. You will find cake and cookie moulds in aluminium, silicon, plastic and other materials. The store has the classic round shape mould along with other shapes such as a heart, animals, etc. The prices for these moulds start at INR 150 and varies according to the size and material used. You will also find cream pipes with different outlets. The store has ingredients liking cooking chocolate bars, cocoa powder, flavoured essence, syrups, gelatin and other essentials. They are available for home and in bulk too for professionals. You will also find toppings like desiccated coconut, sprinkles, chocolate chips, edible glitter among other things. 

    The store also has appliances meant for baking. You will find hand mixers and OTGs available. If you have other kitchen appliances that need repair, this store helps out with that too.

      Available Online