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Adventure Geeks, Head To Maharashtra's Only Heritage Fort Hotel Just 30km Away From Pune

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Constructed in 1707 by Pilaji Jadhav during the Chhatrapati Shahuji's empire, this fort-converted-hotel is the only fort in Maharashtra where you can experience a pleasant stay. As soon as you're there, they welcome you with the traditional Marathi Tutadi {musical instrument} along with a few chilled kokum sharbat {beverage}. Tucked away in a quaint section of this community is your reception, where the team dressed in traditional Maharashtrian apparel does a little Tilak ceremony before directing you to space. With over 58 rooms in the property, the one that stands out is the Varsha suite, which has an open-to-the-sky rain shower. The peak of the fort is surrounded by a pond converted into their swimming pool that boasts a flowering Aralia tree right in the centre! The old-world charm oozes from the chambers with its wooden carved beams and a little chajja {balcony} to enjoy the evenings, making it ideal for honeymooners and couples. If you are the adventurous kind, you may choose between the chhavni royal tents which are situated at the far end of the resort. These luxury tents are designed with all the amenities. You can also stay at their uniquely designed eco-friendly neem cottages.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The pathway leading up to the rooms is small, which makes it impossible for two people to climb up! The hotel does not have any elevators, and the measures are quite massive, which might be a hassle for the elderly. The nights get a little cold here, given the willingness around the Fort. Dinner in the Payatha, situated in the foothills with the background of this gorgeously lit up fort is a sight and experience to behold.

    Anything Else?

    Serving a mixture of Maharashtrian and Punjabi fare, the grub here is delicious. In your area, you can rest post lunch or walk around the property and take a look at the Ganesha temple. Evenings can be dedicated to the tour of the royal museum which transports you throughout the tales into the times of the yore. You will be guided to significant locations in the fort such as the old cell, the huge stone where the Maharaja's elephant would consume at, etc.. Jadhavgadh is the perfect place for a weekend escape, though a little expensive {INR 8000 onwards}. You may visit the location for day picnics {INR 1499} if you don't wish to stay the night.